Wouldn’t it feel good to know you played a part in helping keep the romance alive for couples everywhere in the world?

Did you know its been proven that consistent dating is the key to a successful relationship?

I’m Adam and for over 20 years, I’ve had this idea of creating a calendar to help couples stay focused on the romantic side of their relationship amidst all of the busyness of their daily lives.   That dream has finally come true!

That’s why we’ve built this company at www.CreativeCommitments.com that’s full of over 150 beautiful images of unique date ideas for people to make a date-a-month calendar to give to the one they love.  We call it the Love Calendar!

Why a calendar?  It’s simple! Calendars are the one thing that everyone uses on a regular basis throughout the year.  It creates a visual reminder, that people can put on their refrigerator or wherever is central in their lives, to keep their monthly date, and each other, in focus.

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