Did you know its been proven that consistent dating is the key to a successful relationship?

My name is Adam and for over 20 years, I’ve had this idea of creating a calendar to help couples stay focused on the romantic side of their relationship amidst all of the busyness of their daily lives.   That dream has finally come true!

That’s why we’ve built this company at www.CreativeCommitments.com that’s full of over 150 beautiful images of unique date ideas for people to make a date-a-month calendar to give to the one they love.  We call it the Love Calendar!

Why a calendar?  It’s simple! Calendars are the one thing that everyone uses on a regular basis throughout the year.  It creates a visual reminder, that people can put on their refrigerator or wherever is central in their lives, to keep their monthly date, and each other, in focus.

We now also offer Love Journals for those that want to give a year full of dates without a calendar and to have a way to capture the magic moments!

Creative Commitment’s Mission is to create products and tools that help strengthen people’s relationships.

Our Vision is to help interpersonal relationships in the home first, then expand into the workplace and the classroom.

Our Altruistic Dream, okay – we’ll call it a “stretch goal,” is to put a dent in the divorce rate!

The premise behind our products:

In today’s busy world, we all struggle with getting it all done.  We get caught up in the pounding surf of all the daily tasks in our personal and professional lives.   What often pays the consequence in all of this turbulence is our relationships.  We are so busy prioritizing all of the daily tasks, that we sometimes forget to prioritize the things we need to do to ensure our relationships stay strong.

The goal of Creative Commitments is to provide products that help keep what’s most important as a priority and in focus.  It’s to help our customers keep their relationships front-of-mind while navigating the pounding surf.

Product Description:

Our Flagship product is the Love Calendar. (a.k.a. Date-a-Month Calendar)

Creative Commitments, LLC is the creator and originator of the Love Calendar, a truly unique, romantic and meaningful gift that helps keep your most important relationships in focus all year long.  Since we can start the calendar on any month of the year, it’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and the Holidays!

Better than a box of chocolates or a gift card, the Love Calendar is a gift that gives all year long and shows the one you love that the two of you are just as important as anything else.

It’s a visual reminder, that you can put on your refrigerator or wherever is central in your life, that keeps it front of mind for both of you and helps put the priority around the two of you.

Although the Love Calendar is perfect for the romantic side of your life, it can also be a great tool for your family and other important relationships in your life!

It’s easy to create and cost less than a decent box of chocolates!  Plus we can deliver it right to your door!  Order either one of our pre-made calendars that contains some of our most popular Date Ideas, or choose your own Date Ideas to make a Custom Calendar!