Learn how to Put Romance Back in Your Relationship

Romance Fading? Commit to a Date a Month

A Common Problem

Romance Fading? It’s a common problem. You’re busy, really busy. After you get done with all of the ‘adulting’ you do every day, you’ve barely got enough energy to hit the remote on the TV, let alone get dressed up for a date with your Love.

The Result of That Problem

The romance in your relationship gradually fades out and you’re both left wondering what the heck happened.

The Solution

Put Date Night First. Schedule your relationship first on your priority list and commit to at least one date a month. Work everything else around that date. It’s all about getting some dedicated, quality time with your Love – enjoying a new experience together or having some meaningful conversation at least once a month. It works.

Create a Date-a-Month Calendar or Journal at CreativeCommitments.com that can start on any month and commit to a date a month!