Give Memorable Moments as Gifts That Rock

Make Gift Giving Rock – Give an Experience and Make Memorable Moments at!


Make Gift Giving Rock – Give Experience Gifts & Make Memorable Moments Together

Giving experience gifts helps you create memorable moments that will last a lifetime!  Customize a Love Calendar to give the two of you 12 months of memorable moments!   For example, create a “Concert of Your Choice” Date in your Love Calendar!

To Stay In Our Rock Theme – Here’s How to Create and Plan a “Concert of Your Choice” Date as a Gift

Start with a Killer Question

My wife loves music.  She loves all kinds of music – from Blues, to Swing, Pop to Rap, Hard Rock to Country and even Classical.  So, I once asked my Wife this super helpful question:

 “If you were stuck on an island and could only have one band on your playlist, what band would you choose?”

From that question, I learned that my wife’s favorite band of all time was Earth Wind and Fire.  Who knew? But good to know!

Do Your Research To Make It Memorable

I searched the internet to find out if they were still playing.  It just so happened, that year they were playing with the band Chicago, in Chicago!   That was only a 4-hour drive from where we were living, so I bought tickets to the concert and when I was picking dates for her Custom Love Calendar, I used the Concert of Your Choice  image for that month’s date and paperclipped the tickets to that month’s page on the calendar.

Obviously, being the originator of the Love Calendar, I’ve given her a Love Calendar every year since we started dating for Christmas.  She really looks forward to them and loves to see what dates I have planned for us for the upcoming year.

When she noticed the tickets attached to that month, she was SUPER excited!  She’d never seen them in person.  By the way – their concert was phenomenal – they’ve still got it!  I’d recommend them for sure – even if you’re not a super fan like my wife.


Since the tickets were a little expensive and I knew I’d have my car, I chose a hotel that was in the nearby suburbs of Chicago that included breakfast for about ½ of what we’d have paid downtown and we had a phenomenal weekend together.  That trip was definitely a highlight of our year!

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